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Importing loops

Would it help you to be able to use more existing material as part of a LoopTree session?

At the moment the app's focus is on live recording and the only option to AudioPaste is as an initial track.

We're wondering about offering copy paste options for other tracks, too.

What do you think?

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Yes. I would say being able to import audio into any selected track would be a really nice feature. Also for me, Dropbox and Audioshare support would be essential to most users workflow. I also use but it seems to be used less. 

This absolutely the only reason I bought it. I'm using Loopy HD, but some of it's features are lacking. When I saw that this app supported AudioPaste - I was super excited to be use the demonstrated features with app loops. But this seems to be not yet implemented yet.

Awesome Job on fixing the AudioPaste Bug. I would say if you do not want to include being able to audiopaste into any loop then maybe make it where you can import samples into the beat repeat section.

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