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More Midi

Maybe midi learn. I have an FCB1010 foot controller. I play guitar and keys so I need my hands free, which is why I like foot controllers. So if I could have LoopTree in the background and still trigger record on certain tracks. Minimizing the need to go back and forth between apps.

MIDI is in an interesting one. How to make an intuitive set of controls for a layered interface.

We thought to start out simple, you can MIDI control the track controls (REC, toggle and clear) by sending MIDI notes into LoopTree.

The workflow means that you select some tracks using your fingers, but trigger the actions using the MIDI controller.

I have the FCB1010, too and I use it with LoopTree when I'm playing the piano. I'll be doing a tutorial on how to set up the FCB1010 with a Scarlett 18i8, MidiBridge and LoopTree in the future.

I see your point on how to make an intuitive set of controls for layers. That is a tough question. I think you need to analyze what hardware controllers people would be using to control the app and think about what kind of workflow would work with the controllers. I have a quneo, Keith McMillen, so one pad can be divided into 4 grids. Each row could represent a layered loop section. Then each of the pads could control up to 4 loops with each of the corners could record, start, stop loops.


Something like the midi designer app, you could setup an entire page dedicated to starting, stoping and recording loops. Since they are layered, you could have rows of buttons that could represent the top level and the loops within. Sort of like a grid. 

I really do like the layering feature and the possibilities are endless. Now if you added the ability for one set of layered loops to mute the rest of the loops and play in sync sort of like the rows and columns on a launchpad, that would be awesome.

I have a quneo, too and I've been thinking about making a proper custom integration for it - providing a preset patch to load and then having LoopTree drive the LEDs. I've got loads of ideas, hopefully they'll get some love eventually!

I too am a pedal looperist, midi learn is useful as not all controllers are assignable. Loving your design choices, a nice balanced approach. Powerful without becoming obtuse. I would like to be able to place the filter pre record, feedback would be a nice addition as would clock in and out..
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